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Skylar Diggins-Smith says she played 2018 pregnant; expresses lack of team support

Mechelle Voepel


Dallas Wings guard Skylar Diggins-Smith sounded off on Twitter about what she suggested was a lack of support from the organization.

She also tweeted that she had played while pregnant throughout the 2018 WNBA season but "didn't tell a soul," and then took two full months away from "everything" this past summer because she was dealing with postpartum depression. She added that she had "limited resources to help me be successful mentally/physically."

Diggins-Smith, who turned 29 in August, did not play during the 2019 season, although she was on full salary and was kept on the roster. ESPN reached out to Diggins-Smith's agent for a comment from the player but had not received one by Saturday evening.

The Wings said in a statement that confidentiality and privacy concerns prevented them from commenting on any individual player's issues, but that the team has employed licensed psychologists for all players since the franchise moved from Tulsa to Dallas in 2016.

"These professionals have worked with our players in a team setting, and also have been made available to our athletes on a one-on-one basis," team president and CEO Greg Bibb said Saturday.

Diggins-Smith first tweeted on Friday night: "Having no support from your own organization is unfortunate," but didn't provide any details on what she was referring to.

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