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Want a healthcare system better suited for women? Let more of them hold the purse strings.


For decades, women have been under-represented in clinical drug trials, unaccounted for in everything from car-safety regulations to studies of work-related illnesses, and not taken seriously when seeking treatment for genuine pain and illness.

Major health issues like period pain—which can be “almost as bad as a heart attack”—are barely researched, and US regulators won’t even approve valid methods to treat it.

Last year, this phenomenon got a name: “Healthcare gaslighting.” With it has come the start of a public discourse on how to reckon with this long-ignored problem. Angela Rodell, CEO of the Alaska Permanent Fund, has one suggestion on how to tackle it: Hire more women in finance.

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This story is part of How We’ll Win in 2019, a year-long exploration of workplace gender equality. Read more stories 

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