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ATL Action for Racial Equity 2021 Assessment Report

Kanarys Staff


On February 16, 2022, the Metro Atlanta Chamber (MAC) released the results of their inaugural diversity, equity, and inclusion assessment that was created in partnership with Kanarys, Inc. as a part of their multi-year ATL Action for Racial Equity (AARE) plan. 

The results come exactly a year after the launch of AARE. MAC kickstarted their racial equity initiative to pave the way for resolving the ongoing effects of systemic racism and its impact on the Black community. There are more than 250 businesses in the Atlanta region committed to sharing best practices, taking action and completing a collection of survey assessments to pursue racial equity and start their journey to an equitable workplace. 

Kanarys CEO and Co-Founder Mandy Price stated that “for any DEI initiative, the first step is conducting a baseline assessment to identify areas of opportunity and set a benchmark for progress.” Change cannot be achieved without this meticulous and effective data that Kanarys provides. Mandy hopes that working closely with MAC and their AARE initiative will “pinpoint how to dismantle systemic racism throughout the region and also serve as a model for how cities across the country can do the same.”

The Atlanta business community is expected to lead the nation in the racial equity journey, according to the 2021 Assessment. Survey responses reveal that 70% of participating metro Atlanta companies have a designated DEI leader with 55% assessing pay equity across race and 68% implementing DEI training within Atlanta-based operations. Other highlights from the Assessment are:

  • Corporate policies: 82% track employees demographics, specifically representation of the Black workforce

  • Inclusive Economic Development: 80% of participating Fortuen 100 companies headquartered in Atlanta have established a formal supplier diversity program

MAC’s Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Michael J. Baptiste said that “a critical component to the work of AARE lies in measuring key performance indicators provided by our participating companies. With this data, we can continue to refine our approach and ensure we are addressing the developing needs of our businesses.” It is with the help of Kanarys that the survey was able to do so. 

Kanarys is Your DEI Champion

At Kanarys, we are the diversity, equity, and inclusion people with the data-driven approach. Since 2018, Kanarys has aimed to change the world by creating equitable workplaces where everyone belongs. We guide your organization’s DEI path every step of the way with courage and collaboration. It starts with data, analytics and insights, and continues with recommendations and implementation. 

Our mission, as your partner and champion in the ever-evolving DEI journey: Help you understand what it takes to foster lasting, systemic change today and for tomorrow. Because when you succeed with DEI, your employees can thrive—and so can your organization.

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