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Latina Equal Pay Day and Closing the Gap

Kanarys Staff


October 21st marks Latina Equal Pay Day, and as we finish up Latinx Heritage Month, it is a crucial day in recognizing the work that needs to be done regarding pay equity among all groups. And the significance and title of the day do not come without reason — it marks the day when a Latina woman’s pay catches up to that of the white, non-Hispanic men from the previous year. Latinx women receive $.57 for every dollar that is earned by their white male counterparts, hence the additional 294 days it takes for the groups to break even. 

Kanarys is working to close this gap. We worked alongside our strategic partner, Prospanica, on our recent groundbreaking report that analyzed DEI efforts in a variety of corporate workplaces for Latinx professionals. In the report, Kanarys uncovered how the intersectionality of Latinx employees’ identities affected their experience. We found that 50% of employees have witnessed or experienced discrimination or bias in their workplace and more than 63% of Latinx employees indicated that they were burdened with the responsibility of teaching or explaining DEI issues to their colleagues. 

But that is not all.  Latinx employees were 47% less likely than non-Latinx individuals to feel that they are given equitable opportunities to succeed. Every employee deserves to feel included, and every employee should be given the same opportunities to succeed. On this Latina Equal Pay Day, take action by reading more from our report to find out how we can work to close the equity gap among Latinx professionals in the workplace.


Kanarys is Your DEI Champion

At Kanarys, we are the diversity, equity, and inclusion people with the data-driven approach. Since 2018, Kanarys has aimed to change the world by creating equitable workplaces where everyone belongs. We guide your organization’s DEI path every step of the way with courage and collaboration. It starts with data, analytics and insights, and continues with recommendations and implementation. 

Our mission, as your partner and champion in the ever-evolving DEI journey: Help you understand what it takes to foster lasting, systemic change today and for tomorrow. Because when you succeed with DEI, your employees can thrive—and so can your organization.

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