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People are the most important resource in our Department. Our Sailors and Marines are better than at any time in history and our Talent Management Initiatives are designed to keep it that way. The diversity of our Sailors, Marines and civilians is a force multiplier - leveraging their talent in amazing and innovative ways. To fully leverage the diversity of our workforce, we have to value the diversity of background, diversity of thought, diversity of perspective, and diversity of experience. Furthermore, we must ensure the inclusion of each Sailor, Marine and civilian into every aspect of our operations to enable our collective diversity to achieve the very best results. The roadmap provided herein discusses ways to harness that diversity and use it to our collective advantage. A diverse force is a stronger force, and one that guarantees our Navy and Marine Corps are reflective and representative of the Nation we defend. To fight and win in this century we need a force that draws from the broadest talent pools. Diversity across all spheres of our Nation gives the Department of the Navy strength. The success of this roadmap lies in the ability of our military and civilian workforce to make sure this vision of diversity is integrated into everything we do. We have set high standards for ourselves and our work. Meeting these standards across the board will require commitment at the highest levels within the Department. To remain competitive and an employer of choice, we must be a role model of equal opportunity and foster a culture of inclusion whereby all can achieve their fullest potential.

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